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We aim to provide you with an extensive range of services covering every aspect of primary research in every subject area.

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What we do

oxbridge primary research what we do

Oxbridge Primary Research is a cutting-edge research group dedicated to helping students from A-Level to PhD with their primary research. We provide services including the undertaking and writing up of model research, a research tutor scheme, the undertaking of foundation or preliminary research and finally the undertaking of research for comparative purposes.

Oxbridge Primary Research contract 1000+ Oxbridge educated academics and professionals, many of whom are working at the cutting edge of their fields, who have offered to share their experience with students undertaking primary research. We can provide you with help with every aspect of your research from hypothesis formulation to the analysis of results.

Our researchers

oxbridge primary research our researchers

Oxbridge Primary Research exclusively contracts writers from The University of Oxford and The University of Cambridge and therefore offers the highest level of research expertise of any UK company. Oxford and Cambridge are world leaders in cutting-edge research, working at the forefront of science. Oxbridge researchers are therefore in the best position to give excellent advice and help with your own primary research. Our clients find this fact immensely reassuring when they need help with their research, knowing that they can rely on us to provide excellent, informed advice and help.

These researchers include many professors, lecturers, PhD holders, and professionals working in business, medicine, law, education, science and other fields. The collective expertise and experience of our researchers means that we are ideally and uniquely placed to help you with almost any aspect of your primary research.

How it works

We can provide help and advice with every aspect of your primary research. After you have decided what help you need you can fill in an online enquiry form or phone us on 0207 391 9038. You can initially supply us with the basic information we need in order to start the process of finding the right researcher to help you.

oxbridge primary research how it works

On receiving your order, one of our Primary Research Advisors will be in touch to go over the finer details of the service required. Depending on the service we may send you a more comprehensive requirements form in order to gather exact details. Alternatively, due to the complex nature of primary research, you may want to arrange a face-to-face office consultation.

Once we have selected your researcher we will notify you by telephone or email. On gathering all the details we will send you a price quotation and itinerary including provisional dates for various stages of completion of the work. When you are happy with the details we will ask for the first payment. Once the initial payment has been received, we can start the process as specified by the itinerary.