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Quantitative Services

Quantitive services

We are pleased to conduct empirical investigation in which numerical data is obtained from controlled laboratory work of all types or field work, or collected through questionnaires and surveys or ethnography.

Qualitative Service

Qualitive services

Our researchers are experts in undertaking subjective collection of non numerical data derived from focus groups, interviews and participants observations in order to gather non statistical feedback.

Written Services (Pre Research)

Written services

We offer all pre research written services, including original title creation, primary research proposals, hypothesis formulation and revision, literature reviews, project management reports, Gantt charts and methodologies.

Analysis & Presentation Services

Analysis services

Our Oxbridge researchers are experts in analysis and presentation of all types of primary data, may it be quantitative statistical analysis and representation, sensitivity studies, graphs, tables, diagrams or maps.

Written Services (Post Research)

Written services

Once primary research has been conducted, we can help you with the results analysis, critical commentaries, recommendation on future research, MBA feasibility studies and MBA entrepreneur units.

Viva Presentation Services

Viva services

In order to deliver a successful and memorable oral presentation, we use PowerPoint and visual aids, Viva presentation scripts and the opportunity to present it to a primary research advisor and Oxbridge researcher.

International Services

International services

All of the primary research services can be undertaken in the UK and internationally. Our researchers are able to undertake research in any region or country in the world, subject to political and other considerations.

Miscellaneous Services

Miscallaneous services

We are delighted to arrange contacts on your behalf, assist with document translation no matter how obscure the language and provide a primary research tutor to guide and advise you throughout your project.

The Premier Service

full dissertation service

It is the UK's most exclusive model thesis and dissertation writing service. The service is designed for students who want a full model thesis or dissertation, complete with comprehensive original primary research.

Consultation Services

consultation services

It is vital to discuss your project in greater details, either by meeting a primary research advisor face to face, telephone consultation with an Oxbridge researcher or office consultation with an expert in your field.