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Hypothesis Formulation & Revision

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Services we can provide include but are not limited to:

hypothesis formulation and revision

The formulation of clear and precise hypotheses is vital to the success of any research project.

Hypotheses express the aims of the research project and dictate the methods that will be used to investigate the subject of the investigation. As a famous psychologist once said: 'to ask the right question is to be half way to finding the right answer.' Indeed, if your research hypotheses are clear and precise, then your primary research will have an excellent chance of producing good raw data and thus the possibility of verifying, rejecting, or modifying your hypotheses. If, on the other hand, your hypotheses are muddled and loosely phrased, then your primary research runs the risk of descending into generality, confusion and inaccuracy.

Clear hypotheses will also facilitate the analysis, representation and write-up of your results and therefore the conclusions that you will be able to derive from them. They will enhance the possibility that others might seek to imitate and then extend your research. An inexperienced researcher may view hypothesis formulation as an elementary task, but this is not the case. Although fundamental to any research project, producing an effective and well thought-out hypothesis is a challenge in itself with many potential pitfalls. Formulating hypotheses for a project requires in-depth knowledge and an understanding of the surrounding literature in that field, so the hypotheses can address particular gaps in research in that field.

A common failing in a primary research project is to see the primary data collection as the starting point, and to conduct it without adequate background reading or planning. Those who adopt this approach may subsequently find that their main results were already clearly established in the literature, but there were other interesting angles to the problem that they did not think to address.

Our Hypothesis Formulation & Revision Service

hypothesis formulation and revision

We employ nearly a thousand researchers - including many professors, PhD holders and professional scientists working at the forefront of their fields - who are well-practised in formulating and revising hypotheses. Due to the fact that our researchers currently work, or have previously worked, in a particular field, they possess an excellent in-depth understanding of their subject area and are therefore in the perfect position to suggest hypotheses addressing gaps in knowledge in your field.

Using our service, we will arrange for one of our experienced researchers to devise for you a series of hypotheses related to your research title. Each hypothesis will be accompanied by a brief rationale. In addition our researchers can suggest fundamental background literature that you should read in order to gain a good understanding of how research has been carried out in this field previously, providing you with a base with which to carry out your own research.

The same researcher will be available to help you write an analysis section, confirming, rejecting or modifying these hypotheses in light of the primary data obtained.

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If you are interested in our Hypothesis Formulation and Revision Service, one of our Primary Research Advisors would be happy to advise you on all aspects of this.

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