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lab work

Laboratory experiments are a vital part of many theses and dissertations in the natural sciences as well as in many of the social sciences.

While science students will be familiar with the general nature of laboratory experiments through their structured lab work and lectures, a thesis or dissertation requires that the student design their own experiment for the purpose of obtaining original results.

Designing such an experiment is a wholly different proposition to merely attending a standard lab session or even reading about lab techniques in a text book. The conceptual, methodological and practical difficulties involved in original laboratory work are great, and often overwhelm those students who do not receive enough help from their tutor and university. Consequently, these problems often result in students, from A-Level through to PhD level, weakening their overall project quality because they were not confident of the best way to approach their laboratory work.

Oxbridge Primary Research employs several hundred scientific researchers, including many professors, PhD holders and professional scientists working at the cutting edge of their fields, who are well practised in conducting controlled laboratory work of all types, as well as at developing theories and concepts from their analysis. We offer the opportunity for you to contract one or several of our Oxbridge researchers to help you in all aspects of the lab work you may want to undertake.

Laboratory counting and measuring techniques.

Counting and measuring techniques are an essential research tool, used to collect purely quantitative data. Laboratory techniques are numerous and highly specific to the research being carried out. Our researchers do however have experience in dealing with all the generic lab techniques.

Biological and chemical examples

  • • Cell counting
  • • Plate streaking for cell culture
  • • Centrifugation
  • • Spectrometry
  • • Separation techniques
  • • Sterilization techniques
  • • Pipetting
  • • Fluid volume measurements
  • • Titration
  • • Microscopy
  • • Electrophoresis
  • • Protein and DNA sequence analysis

Counting and Measuring Service

  • • Undertaking model research for you, using the most advanced scientific techniques available, giving you an idea of how best to go about your own research
  • • Personally tutoring and supervising you throughout your research
  • • Undertaking foundation or preliminary research
  • • Undertaking comparative research.

Fields we conduct lab work in

  • • Engineering - e.g. Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical, Civil and Industrial
  • • Geology and Earth Sciences - e.g. Mineralogy, Sedimentology, Crystallography, Oceanography
  • • Natural Sciences - e.g. Environmental, Atmospheric, Soil and Water
  • • Chemistry
  • • Psychology
  • • Physiology
  • • Social Sciences
  • • Bioinformatics
  • • Cell Biology
  • • Cytometry and Fluorescence Microscopy
  • • Genetics
  • • Histology
  • • Immunology
  • • Molecular Biology
  • • Neuroscience
  • • Pharmacology and Toxicology
  • • Proteomics and Protein Biochemistry

Laboratory techniques can be extremely simple or extremely complex. The actual method must take into account the statistical analysis techniques that will later be performed on the data and therefore the exact procedure is very important right from the start. Such considerations include repeat readings, randomisation techniques, and blocking and control treatments.

Many techniques can be performed in any lab with the required facilities meaning that expensive travel costs may be avoided. If your project requires laboratory counting or measuring techniques of any kind, Oxbridge Primary Research will be delighted to help.

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We are aware that your laboratory work is of utmost importance to your degree, and therefore that you will want to take the greatest precaution in ensuring that such experiments are planned and undertaken in the most professional manner possible. As such, if you are interested in our service, then one of our Primary Research Advisors would be happy to discuss with you all of the details of your work .

To discuss the lab work service with one of our advisors, please call 0207 391 9038 or contact us via our contact form.

How can we help?

We can provide researchers for travel anywhere in the UK and almost anywhere internationally.

Note. A common mistake students make with a primary research project is to see the collection of primary data as the starting point, and to conduct it without adequate background reading or planning. Those who adopt this approach may subsequently find that their main results were already established in the literature, but there were other interesting angles to the problem that they did not think to address. As such you may also want to consider our other services such as Hypothesis Formulation, Original Title Creation, Literature Review and Methodologies.