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A great many students struggle to write a competent literature review for two main reasons.

Misunderstanding of Purpose

Misunderstanding of Purpose. They think the purpose of a literature review is simply to give an alphabetical description of the books that they are covering. However, the proper purpose of a literature review is to give a judicious selection of relevant texts that will form the theoretical foundation for the title that you are investigating. Having selected the right books, the literature review must draw out the principal ideas and themes from those books and apply them to the question at hand. This is a very different process to a mere summary of various titles.


Many students do not choose their books carefully enough or cannot access the right material. Given that a thesis or dissertation derives an enormous amount of its authority from the quality of the secondary sources it uses to substantiate its arguments, it is absolutely crucial that the right texts are selected in the first place.

Our Literature Review Service

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We employ nearly a thousand researchers - including many professors, PhD holders and professional academics working at the cutting edge of their fields - who are well-practised in writing first-class literature reviews. They know how to compile an appropriate reading list, how to bring out the chief ideas in these books and how to apply them to a specific question.

Our researchers will show you the secrets of how to write a perfect literature review and thus enable you to significantly increase the grade both of your dissertation and your degree grade as a whole.

Some students who order a literature review from us already have a list of books they would like to be used in their review; your expert will naturally use these books and then add to them a number of other relevant sources. Other students will want us to compile the entire reading list, which is fine.

Our reading lists are typically made up of 95% books, journals and articles, and up to 5% internet sources. These percentages can however be changed according to your needs.

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If you are interested in our Literature Review Service, one of our Primary Research Advisors would be happy to advise you on all aspects of this.

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