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MBA Entrepreneur Units

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Services we can provide include but are not limited to:


An MBA is an essential tool for any business student with aspirations to climb to the highest level of business leadership.

It is an extremely rigorous and challenging course which only the most talented and dedicated students perform well in.

At MBA level, primary research is of paramount importance as consultancy projects, feasibility studies and entrepreneurial units underpin a significant chunk of most courses. An extremely high standard of research is required with many students not having the necessary resources - be they time, money or contacts - at their disposal to satisfy this requirement.

Our MBA Service

We employ nearly a thousand researchers - including many professors, PhD holders and professional financiers, bankers, and businessmen working at the cutting-edge of their fields - who are extremely experienced in writing first-class entrepreneur units and feasibility studies.

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If you are interested in ordering an entrepreneur unit or feasibility study, then one of our Primary Research Advisors would be happy to discuss with you all of the details.

To discuss the Mba entrepeneur units service with one of our advisors, please call 0207 391 9038 or contact us via our contact form.