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Original Title Creation

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questionnares and surveys

Choosing an original title is of fundamental importance to the success of any research project - particularly at PhD and Masters level.

A research title should be one that proposes to investigate either a completely unstudied phenomenon or a new aspect of a previously studied phenomenon.

For example, a PhD zoology student might propose to write a thesis on the mating habits of the Red-Backed Viverrid: a newly discovered mammal from the Kayar Mentarang National Park in Borneo. In this instance, the research title proposes completely new research since nothing is presently known on this subject.

More usually, students will propose a title that observes previously studied phenomena in a new way. For instance, a Masters International Development student might propose to write on how successful the application of the microfinance principles of Bangladesh's Grameen Bank has been in Ghana. In this case, the study of the Grameen Bank itself would not be original, since many research papers have been written on it, but in its specific treatment of Ghana the paper would be original.

questionnares and surveys

A title should be kept relatively simple, even if the subject matter itself is complicated. Keeping things simple allows a student and the reader to understand exactly what question needs to be answered, avoiding confusion during the writing-up stage of the project. Despite the apparent simplicity of the task, many students do not consider their titles carefully enough and these errors can lead an entire project off-track and thus lower its final mark. An original research title will target a gap in the knowledge of a particular subject area. In order to create such a title one must therefore have a good understanding and knowledge of the background literature. This title will then logically link to the hypotheses and aims of the project.

Despite the need for a research title to cover a new area or aspect of a subject, many students are prepared to settle for regurgitating titles that have been answered many times before. In such cases, there is no possibility for original research and your examiner will be much less inclined to award you the highest marks.

Our Title Creation Service

We employ nearly a thousand researchers - including many professors, PhD holders and professional scientists working at the vanguard of their fields - who are well-practised in designing original research titles. Due to our researchers currently working, or having previously worked, in a particular field, they possess an excellent, in-depth understanding of their subject area and are therefore in the perfect position to suggest gaps in the field where research needs to be carried out.

If you use our service, we will arrange for one of our researchers to design for you three original research titles, and a brief rationale to accompany each of them. Once you have chosen one of the three titles, we can provide a comprehensive proposal to substantiate the title and research aims. Our researchers can also suggest fundamental background literature that you should read in order to create good hypotheses and gain a thorough understanding of the field.

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We are aware that your title selection is of utmost importance to your degree, and therefore that you will want to take the greatest precaution in ensuring that your title is designed in the most professional manner possible. As such, if you are interested in our service, then one of our Primary Research Advisors would be happy to discuss with you all of the details of your work.

To discuss The Field Work Service with one of our advisors, please call 0207 391 9038 or contact us via our contact form.