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Primary Research Tutoring Service

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Services we can provide include but are not limited to:

primary research tutoring

Oxbridge Primary Research is offering one of the most invaluable and unique services available to students in the UK.

One of the ways in which our clients can use our primary research service is to conduct it with, or under the supervision of one of our expert researchers.

A marking scheme for a research project will look for diversity of applications and techniques used in the research. Oxbridge Primary Research offers the opportunity for students to use computer software or laboratory techniques that they would otherwise not be familiar with, or even have heard of. Applications such as Mathsworks' Matlab and SPSS software are fantastic resources that can greatly enhance the professionalism of a primary research paper. Use of such applications will help towards obtaining the best possible grade for your work. While students may have had lectures about, for example, statistics and presentation programmes such as Matlab and Minitab, a one-to-one tutoring service would be invaluable.

Once you have decided to commission your primary research from us, we will assign you an Oxbridge researcher who will guide you through the required aspects of your primary research.

You should therefore think of your researcher as a 'Primary Research Tutor', providing you with help that is not available from your university. Such collaboration is also necessary because often universities fail to help their students with primary research - especially outside of term-time and during the summer when the great majority of primary research is undertaken. In the absence of such help from tutors Oxbridge Primary Research offers students a source of guidance and confidence as to how to best undertake, analyse, present and write-up their primary research.

If you simply require access to a tutor to provide guidance and advice (similar to how a Personal Tutor would work at your institution), Oxbridge Primary Research can provide a highly-qualified specialist in your field of research to tutor you throughout your research project.

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If you are interested in the tutoring service one of our Primary Research Advisors would be happy to advise you on the exact services you need and to guide you through the order process.

To discuss the Primary research tutoring service with one of our advisors, please call 0207 391 9038 or contact us via our contact form.