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Project Management Reports & Gantt Charts

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A detailed proposal of how you plan to manage your time and equipment is an essential part of planning a primary research project.

A common requirement is to complete a management proposal before you start your project. This will go through the exact details of the order of completion of various sections of the project. Following the completion of the entire project, including the write-up, you may then be required to complete a project management report, detailing where you had difficulties and why certain aspects of the project were either not completed or not completed on time.

Gantt charts

project management reports and gantt charts

Gantt charts are an accompanying diagrammatic representation of your project management reports. Gantt charts illustrate the start and end dates of the various sections of your project, in a visual way that can be understood by a wide audience. Depending on the complexity and length of your project, Gantt charts can be relatively simple or extremely complicated. Some Gantt charts include the dependency relationships between activities and show current schedule status using percentage completion shadings and a 'today' indicator. It is usual to produce a 'before' chart showing the planned schedule and then an 'after' chart showing how the project actually ran.

Students are often unfamiliar with this method of presentation and do not get taught how to produce and use the charts. Oxbridge Primary Research employs many researchers, including many professors, PhD holders and professional scientists working at the cutting edge of their fields, who are well-practised in generating such charts. Correct presentation of these peripheral aspects of a primary research dissertation can make a huge difference to the professionalism and impression made on the examiner or critical peer reviewer reading your work.

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