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Questionnaires and Surveys

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Services we can provide include but are not limited to:

questionnares and surveys

Questionnaires and surveys are the most popular means of primary data collection within a wide range of subjects.

Questionnaires and surveys can have many forms, and several examples of our own designs are given below.

Advantages. Questionnaires and surveys are a comprehensive and inexpensive means of gathering large amounts of both quantitative and qualitative primary data. Questionnaires and surveys usually have simple designs and can be quickly distributed to large numbers of subjects. They also allow researchers to obtain succinct answers to multiple questions related to their central research topic.

Due to their simple design, questionnaires can be distributed to almost any demographic group and therefore offer a practical method for researchers to gather primary data in sectors that would otherwise be difficult to reach.

Our Questionnaire & Survey Service. Oxbridge Primary Research offers a comprehensive range of questionnaire services for all levels of students, from A-Level to PhD.

Oxbridge Primary Research employs nearly a thousand researchers - including many professors, PhD holders and professional scientists working at the cutting edge of their fields - who are well-practised in designing a range of questionnaires for different research purposes.

One such researcher would be delighted to design for you a questionnaire or survey template, according to your exact requirements, and, if you wish, to distribute this template for you.

Questionnaire Template Design

Using this service, your researcher will design a questionnaire template that is perfect for the particular research that you would like to be conducted.

This template can be selected from a range of questionnaire styles, and the researcher will take the greatest care in choosing questions that will elicit excellent primary data responses.

Questionnaire Distribution

Once we have designed your questionnaire template, we can arrange to distribute that questionnaire to an agreed number of participants. Typically, we will send the questionnaire to between 50-200 interviewees, although we can distribute to larger or smaller groups if you prefer.

We can either distribute questionnaires via post, electronically (via the internet) or face-to-face on the street.

If you already have a questionnaire template, we can distribute this on your behalf.

Questionnaire Transcriptions

Once we have distributed your questionnaires and collected the replies, we can arrange for typed transcriptions to be provided for you.

Speak to Us.

We are aware that your questionnaires will be of utmost importance to your research project and therefore that you will want to take the greatest precaution in ensuring that such questionnaires are designed and distributed in the most professional manner possible. As such, if you are interested in our service, then one of our Primary Research Advisors would be happy to discuss with you all of the details of your work.

To discuss The Field Work Service with one of our advisors, please call 0207 391 9038 or contact us via our contact form.