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sensitivity analysis

An important element of many model-based studies is a thorough sensitivity analysis.

This is of particular relevance in scientific, mathematical and financial research. After the initial model has been designed and completed, it may be of interest to alter certain input variables slightly to see what the effect is on the output variables. A model is said to be sensitive to an input if changing that variable changes the model output.

A mathematical model is defined by a series of equations, input factors, parameters and variables aimed to characterize the process being investigated. Computer models are increasingly being used in a wide variety of environmental and business studies.

Examples of sensitivity studies

  • • Global climate predictive models; used for both short term weather forecasts and long term climate change
  • • Environmental decision making; e.g. assessing the impact of a waste water treatment plant on a river flow
  • • Assessing the behaviour and life length of bio-filters for contaminated waste water
  • • Assessing the effect of a building development scheme on a surrounding nature reserve
  • • Assessing the effect of fragmentation in a tropical rainforest on biodiversity
  • • Business decision making: identifying cost drivers as well as other quantities for which we need to acquire better knowledge in order to make an informed decision
  • • Quantifying uncertainty in corporate finance

Use of sensitivity studies

  • • Identifying critical assumptions or comparing alternative model structures
  • • Guiding future data collections
  • • Detecting important criteria
  • • Optimizing resource allocation
  • • Model simplification or model lumping

Sensitivity studies can often bring fascinating, unexpected and important results - in stark contrast to the initial findings.

Oxbridge Primary Research employs nearly a thousand researchers, including many professors, PhD holders and professional scientists, working at the cutting edge of their fields, who are well-practised in analysing complex data. We can provide help with your statistics right from the planning stage of your experimental design through to the actual statistical analysis.

Our Sensitivity Analysis Service. We employ nearly a thousand researchers - including many professors, PhD holders and professional scientists working at the cutting edge of their fields - who are well-practised in undertaking first-class sensitivity analyses.

One of our researchers would be delighted to complete a thorough sensitivity analysis of your results, and supply a full findings report to accompany this.

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