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All of the primary research services that we undertake in the UK we also undertake internationally.

Our researchers are able to undertake research in any region or country of the world, subject to political and other considerations.

Our research is undertaken exclusively by researchers from Oxford University and Cambridge University, and we offer an array of services.

Why primary research abroad

There are two main reasons for wanting to undertake primary research abroad.

Title Necessity

Often a student's project title, especially at degree level, will mean that the primary research for that project can only be undertaken abroad.

For instance, if a student is studying the effect of global warming on glacial shrinkage in the Arctic Circle, then this research can only, obviously, be done in places where Arctic glaciers occur: places like Iceland, Alaska and Canada.

Often though, students who choose bold project titles that require them to undertake research internationally underestimate the costs, practicalities and methodological difficulties of undertaking such research. When this happens, it often becomes impossible for the client to undertake this research properly and thus, his project as a whole is fatally undermined because of its lack of good primary research.

In circumstances such as these, Oxbridge Primary Research is ideally placed to help students who otherwise would fail their degrees or else undertake woefully poor research. We will arrange, either in collaboration with you or on your behalf, for one or more of our senior researchers to travel abroad and to undertake the necessary research.

Often, we will have researchers either already living and undertaking research in your particular country and thus, by using these researchers, we can significantly reduce travel and other costs.

Flair, Panache, Breadth and Original Knowledge

Another excellent reason for undertaking primary research abroad is to make your dissertation stand-out from the crowd and thus, obtain a much higher mark than your peers.

services abroad

Tutors quickly get bored if they have to read fifty dissertations every year on 'soil compositions in the Yorkshire Moors' or the 'gender ratios of employees in Birmingham call-centres'. If suddenly a student presents a project on 'the effects of deforestation on nitrate levels in the soils of the lower Himalayas' or 'the effect of microeconomic policies on the earnings of female employees in rural Bangladesh', then the same tutor is inevitably going to be intrigued by the content of the dissertation and read it with much greater fascination than the other fifty dissertations on the same dull topic.

Naturally, just because primary research has been undertaken abroad does not mean that it is intrinsically better or more valid than research undertaken in the UK; in practice though, extending research internationally means that opportunities for comparison and original research arise which would have been impossible had the research been restricted just to the UK.

Moreover, undertaking your primary research abroad will most likely be far more interesting for you and thus, greatly enhance the final quality of the work you produce.

How to proceed

If you would like to order primary research, we suggest that you arrange either a telephone or office Primary Research Consultation to discuss the project in greater detail.

To discuss our services abroad with one of our advisors, please call 0207 391 9038 or contact us via our contact form.