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Services we can provide include but are not limited to:

telephone consultation

Due to the complex nature of primary research it is vital that the researcher assisting or undertaking the research is absolutely clear about the finer details of the project.

This includes everything from the general aims of the project to the specifics of the methods and how the results should be analysed and presented.

Since primary research must be thoroughly and carefully planned it is recommended that students have a consultation with us. During this consultation we will discuss with you in detail how the company works, what services we offer, what particular types of research might be most suitable for your project and so on.

Such consultations are an invaluable way to set an excellent foundation for your primary research and therefore your thesis, dissertation and project as a whole. As the first step in the primary research process, we recommend that you have a free telephone consultation with one of our Primary Research Advisors. This will be an opportunity for you to tell us exactly what aspects of your primary research we can help you with.

Talk to an Expert. Following your initial consultation you may wish to organise a telephone consultation with an Oxbridge expert in your field. This unique service allows you to talk directly with an Oxbridge researcher in your field about a particular aspect of your project. For example, you may be unsure as to how to go about your method of data collection. A telephone consultation with an Oxbridge researcher is the easiest way to get a lot of help quickly. On providing us with the details of your project we will organise a consultation with an expert in your field, who will then think about the solutions to your problem in preparation for your consultation.

To book a telephone consultation with an expert in your field call or email us giving details of the project and the nature of the problem. On receiving your email we will find a suitable expert to arrange the consultation with and offer you a time and date for the consultation.

Book a telephone consultation

To book a telephone consultation with a Primary Research Advisor please call 0207 391 9038 or contact us via our contact form.

Let us know the day and hour you would like to book the consultation. We will immediately send you an email confirming this time, or recommend another if it is not available.